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Agilis Chemicals

Agilis Chemical's platform allows producers to integrate channel partners into their e-commerce portals and offer their customers a seamless brand experience. With Agilis, distributors get access to hundreds of global producers and local customers.

BioLog Heppe

BioLog Heppe GmbH is specialized in chitosan and chitosan derivatives. Their in-house developed technologies and methods have led to a diversified catalog of biodegradable end user products and techniques. 


One of the earliest and largest directories for chemicals and chemical suppliers and producers on the Internet, BuyersGuideChem is online since 1996. The platform offers free access, without registration.


Chembid combines chemical market information and deep data analysis to provide its users with a picture of the chemical market that allows them to buy and sell their products in this marketplace.


ChemDirect is a digital marketplace designed specifically for the chemical industry listing products from vetted and reputable manufacturers. Suppliers can list products free of charge, while buyers can research, discover, and purchase directly through the marketplace, while ChemDirect provides the technology to support all key transaction processes.


Operating since 1998, ChemicalRegister offers a product range including agrochemicals, alcohols, aldehydes, bleaching agents, cement, dyes, fertilizer, industrial gases, ketones, organic and inorganic acids, paint, pesticide, pigments, rubbers, speciality chemicals, catalysts, polymers, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and much more. Though 70% of suppliers listed are US based, the geographical search and diversity of the vendor listings includes an international audience of more than 20,000 vendors.


ChemNet, is operated as global chemical service by Zhejiang NetSun Co. It serves chemical professionals around the world in trading and exchanging chemicals, technology and ideas , offering current trading leads and value-added market information. The supplier database includes 120,000 members and over 300,000 product records,.


"The trusted B2B chemical Marketplace made in Germany. CheMondis connects online shops from European suppliers together on one marketplace. Within the platform it is possible to find and request products, including product information, from multiple suppliers at once, optimizing online shopping for chemical products."


A subsidiary of Univar Solutions, ChemPoint is a distribution platform that provides marketing and sales services for specialty and fine chemicals in North America and EMEA. Engaged in exclusive product-line relationships with premier manufacturers, ChemPoint provides tailored solutions to more than 90 supplier partners and more than 200 product lines globally. Its offices are located in Bellevue, Washington, and Maastricht, Netherlands.

ChemSec Marketplace

ChemSec Marketplace gathers green chemistry innovations in one place, making it easier for companies to choose safer solutions to hazardous chemicals for their business.


Chitinor is a supplier of chitosan extracted from a sustainable and exclusive source, the shell of the cold-water shrimp Pandalus borealis, in Norway.


ChitosanLab is specialized in selling chitin, chitosan and derivatives. Their top notch factories are spread out across China and Thailand, they are both GMP and HACCP certified.


Covestro is a manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials for key industries. The website is a B2B e-commerce platform with materials at market-driven prices. 

Drip Marketplace

A subsidiary of Drip Capital - a leading global trade finance firm headquartered in Palo Alto, USA - Drip Marketplace brings buyers and suppliers together to transact securely on one platform. It trades on very different sectors, one of them being chemicals.


Operated by Shanghai Richem International Co., LTD, this platform specialises in the trade of biochemicals.


A platform for B2B transactions in the chemical industry, GoBuyChem arranges all logistics related to process.


This platform allows to discover and connect to new technologies and technology professionals, on an international technology network. It is open to companies and academia.


InnoCentive is a markeplace crowdsourcing innovation. Through sharing idea, organizations can use the platform to solve their technology, science, business, A/I and data challenges by connecting to a global network of problem solvers.


"Innoget is an Open Innovation and Science Network for technology, knowledge and capabilities transfer that facilitates collaboration between innovation seekers and innovation suppliers such as large enterprises, SMEs, research organizations and innovation professionals actively looking for research, funding and licensing opportunities. It offers a specific section on technology offers, which includes various industry sectors. "


Now acquired by IQVIA, ChemicalInfo has been collecting sellers and buyers of chemical and pharmaceutical products for over 45 years. Listed products include the Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP), FinishedForms, PathFinder and ContractManufacturing.


Funded in 2015, KEMGO offers e-auctions for the chemical industry, where buyers and sellers meet to negotiate best pricing. With offices in Germany, India and China, it has an international market reach.


KitoZyme is a manufacturer of Chitosan & Chitin-glucan from fungal origin. The element extracted is available for food and non-food applications. 


KNOWDE is a marketplace purposefully created for chemicals, polymers and ingredients. It allows full transactions for buyers and sellers, allowing them to create their own store on the platform.


Hangzhou LookChem Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, the capital of Chinese e-commerce . LookChem, a professional chemical trading platform, serves overseas buyers from more than 250 countries and provides integrated technology as well as product solutions for Chinese chemical industries to further expand their market. Founded in 2008, LookChem is currently building a comprehensive global chemical trading service platform integrating supply-demand database, industrial supply chain support, and data mining and sharing.

Material Trader (Chemicals)

"Material Trader's Marketplace offers services in trading secondary (raw) materials, residuals, recyclables, and used machines, with the aim of forwarding the circular economy. It has a specific section on chemicals. "


Fonded in 2013, China-based MOLBASE is dedicated to providing a leading SaaS-powered and data-driven integrated service platform for chemical e-commerce, specifically designed for small and medium-sized chemical-related businesses. It offers various activities, such as chemical searching, promotion, inquiry, transaction, and payment, etc. Suppliers can design and set up their online stores, manage products and inventory, process orders and payments, build customer relationships and leverage analytics and reporting on the platform.


Parchem is a company based in the USA specialised in the distribution of different chemical compounds. The products can be searched in the catalog. Also, bio-based chemicals from different natural sources can be chosen among more traditional ones. 

Patent Auction

The platform Patent Auction lists inventions protected by patent rights for sale or license by their owners. It also features a section on chemicals.


A digital marketplace for chemical products featuring over 55,000 entries and more than one thousand companies. It is Europe's leading independent marketplace for chemicals.


Tokoplas is a leading Asian marketplace connecting buyers and sellers within the petrochemical market.Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tokoplas is a multi-product platform specializing in petrochemicals, including PP and PE, Tokoplas provides pricing, product information, clearing, settlement, delivery, and financing services.

WuXi LabNetwork

LabNetwork is a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec, based in China. It operates globally, providing chemical compounds for medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. Currently, the platform offers nearly 3.5 million products from 1,120 suppliers. LabNetwork has a unique feature allowing users to draw molecular structures to search its chemical catalog.


YET2 is an international consultancy company offering services on Open Innovation & Technology Scouting. Its website features an "active projects" database that can be browsed for "TechNeeds" (demand) and "TechPacks" (offers).



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